Where Do We Learn to Be Parents?


Where Do We Learn to Be Parents?

This is the greatest paradox: The most important job anyone can do; to be a parent, is the one most of us are completely unprepared to do.

We don’t do that with any job. We don’t entrust our car to someone who does not know anything about fixing it. We don’t let anyone who knows nothing about the law, represent us in a legal matter. We would not go to a restaurant to have a meal cooked by someone who has never cooked. And yet, we bring children into the world with no preparation whatsoever.

As a result, surprise, surprise, we make an untold amount of mistakes as we stumble bringing up our children.

The damage that parents do to children, wittingly or otherwise, stays with our children for the rest of their lives. Should not be there classes in parenting so as to not continue to make mistakes which often are irreparable?

The answer is self evident.

If we want to turn out better sons and daughters who eventually will be parents themselves, we most do a better job of parenting. Especially now that our children are being bombarded by a technological world that is changing as we speak. Children of today are facing greater challenges that any other generation before. They need our help, more than ever.

I ask the world out there to heed this warning: Educate the parents of tomorrow for their children are the future of the world. I know it sounds grandiloquent, but it is true. If we do not, a terrible price will be paid by the generations that follow.

Please, talk to your schools, your board of education leaders, your local and state representatives and request Parental Education so the generations of the future have a better chance to succeed.

We, at Learning is  M.A.G.I.C., are doing our part by bringing our Parenting is M.A.G.I.C. program to the schools. We ask you to help us in this most important task.

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