Generosity of Spirit

Tonyo Melendez writes:

Is it within the heart of humankind to be naturally generous? I would like to think so but, I feel the natural process of life works against it. We may be born with generosity, it may be our natural inclination, but because of the natural order, little by little generosity of spirit is replaced by selfish self interest.

When I became a father, I was astounded at the length of dependency the human child has to go through before reaching self-sufficiency. A colt is dropped by its mother and within minutes the animal is walking and trotting and soon thereafter, galloping apace. Humans by contrast take at least a year to take their first step. All this time they have been vulnerable and dependent. Everything has to be done for them. Years go by before that child is able to take care of himself.

All those years the child has been taking, taking, taking. After a while, it is easy to see why the child may see it as his birthright to take. Mother, father, older siblings, and sundry uncles, aunts, and grandparents unwittingly, or not, collude in the making of a selfish human being. It cannot be otherwise, being that for so many years the child has been taking – not giving. It becomes imperative, therefore, that the offspring be taught generosity of spirit. A concerted effort has to be made by the family and later on, educators, to teach the child to give. And to give without the expectation of receiving; to give for the sake of giving. We must teach them to give first.

Giving can be scary because rejection can rear its ugly head. But learn to give we must. Good parents know this instinctively. Good parents are rare. It is important, therefore, that the world at large support this effort. That’s what we’re doing in our parent involvement workshop, Parenting is M.A.G.I.C. It’s a win-win proposition, for it feels good to give and it feels good to receive. The children are the better for it and society at large is better for it. Let’s encourage our children to give. It is good for them and the world.

Don’t you think? Learning to give is magic!

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