The 24-Minute Miracle

Ruben Padilla writes:

Whenever Tonyo Melendez and I are about to begin a new relationship with a school, we work very hard to deliver all that we’ve promised.  When a school is interested in our popular parental involvement program, Parenting is MAGIC, we often begin with a free, half-hour presentation to parents that outlines what we offer.

Of course, with over 60 hours of material that we can teach, a half hour isn’t even a drop in the bucket, and with people signing in and introductory remarks, we’re lucky to get twenty-four minutes of teachable time.

Because of this tiny window, Tonyo and I sat down to work out what an ideal half hour presentation should deliver.  This is what we came up with, and what we’ll deliver to your school in just twenty-four minutes:

You will be amazed (guaranteed!).

You will think.

You will share.

You will learn.

You will laugh.

You will leave with valuable information that you can put into action that very day!

Now, if we can deliver all these things to you in 24 minutes, imagine what we can do in 24 hours.

Would that be a great class?

Would that be worth your time?

Would that make a positive impact on your school?

Still not convinced?  What if we tried it right now – in a blog!  Don’t think we can do it?  Watch this:

Think of any number from one to ten! (And don’t read ahead until you’ve done each step!)

Got it?

Now multiply it by 9.  (Now you’re THINKING!)

If your answer is a two-digit number, like 12, add the two digits together (i.e.1+2=3)

Now subtract five from your answer.

Now, take this new number, and turn it into a letter.  (For example 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, etc.)

Now, think of any European country that starts with this letter.

Got one?

Now, take the second letter of this country’s name, and think of any African animal.

Got it?

Now think of the color of this animal.

Got it?



You’re thinking of a grey elephant in Denmark!

Did it work?  If so, hopefully you were AMAZED and you LAUGHED.  Now, go ahead and LEARN it (it’s very simple), and SHARE it with somebody today (hopefully, your child!).  Then, THINK of an interesting fact or two about Denmark and TEACH that child something valuable!  If you need help, here’s a Wikipedia link for Denmark:

And one for Africa:

And even one for elephants:

You see?  Learning really IS magic!

If you haven’t yet done so, please take a look at our website, and learn how we can help make a positive difference.  You can also call us at (818) 549-9101.  We look forward to talking with you and answering your questions.

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