What Happened to Romantic Heroism?

Tonyo Melendez writes:

Once upon a time, parents expected their children to grow up to do great things. But that was once upon a time.
Now, it seems to me, as I meet children in schools and classrooms, parents seem to be asking their kids to just get by; stay out of trouble and graduate. Why is this? Why are parents expecting so little from their children?
The same is true of teachers. Not all, but enough teachers seem to expect the students to scrape by. The expectations are so low and the students, who don’t know any better, live up to the low expectations.
Have we given up on the kids? Is it too much trouble to expect excellence? The only place where expectations seem to still be high is in sports; which is good, but not good enough.
We should expect great things from this generation of children. They are just as good, if not better than the children of the past.
How do we produce a kid that grows up to be a Christopher Columbus, a Martin Luther King, a Marie Curie, a Tennessee Williams, a Bill Gates, a Placido Domingo?
It seems to me the only way to do this is to expect more from them. We need to inspire them to do great things. We need to motivate them to reach for the stars. We need to tell them that they are the heroes of their generation. They would believe us because they want to be special, and great, and wonderful.
Who wants to be average, common, and ordinary? I don’t know any child who would want to be that. Would you?
Let’s be romantic again and expect our children to do great deeds. Let’s ask them to be great. Let’s encourage them to break the chains of mediocrity and be the heroes of our future.
If we do that, maybe, just maybe, we will see them fulfill that promise, that vision, that hope.
All our children have the seed of greatness in them.

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