Hope is what we all need to have – always. Especially now. Hope gives strength. Hope makes persistence possible. Hope keeps us from giving up. Hope makes us feel good. Hope is more than an idea, it’s an emotion; an emotion that keeps us going even when all logic tells us to stop. As long as we have hope we have a chance to achieve, to conquer, to overcome. A world without hope is a sad world to live in. Hope soothes one’s wounds. Better yet, hope heals. In times such as these, hope is a necessity.

Hope is a child, because children, whether they know it or not, are hope. Because children are made of hope, they give their parents, their friends, and the world at large, hope. Have hope everyday; drink it and it shall reward you. Feel it, and it will keep you alive. Never give up hope and hope will never give up on you. I am saying this for you, and for me.

Let us hope.

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