Life is a quest to find oneself, It is a quest to find the answer to this question: Why am I in this world? Some, the lucky ones, find this answer early in their lives. Some find the answer much later. And others never find it. This is sad, if not tragic. A life adrift is a wasted life. It is imperative to find our core; our raison d’etre, for it gives our life direction and purpose.

Athletes, of necessity, find themselves quickly. A tennis player, for example, cannot wait until the age of thirty to figure this out. Their profession demands early definition of goals. An athlete receives feedback as to the validity of his or her choice early in life; either she is successful or she is not. If she is, then a myriad of choices are presented to her that lead to further success later in life. The confidence that comes with fame, fortune, and triumph often transfer positively to the athlete’s later years.

Most of us must find ourselves as we go. It may take years before it happens, if it happens at all. But finding ourselves we must. And the sooner we do this the better, so that we can live a productive life. A life that not only fulfills that person but that also contributes to the society at large.

Doubt is usually the culprit. Doubt undermines our ability to make choices as to what it is we are supposed to be doing with our existence. We hesitate and vacillate. Choice demands trust, belief and faith. These three can overcome doubt and thus give us a chance to find the answer we seek.

Fight doubt. Trust yourself. Go with your instincts. Give yourself a chance. Dare! A fearless life is worth living. Let’s not allow doubt to stop us from fulfilling our dreams and ourselves.

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