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October 2009

100 Ways to Praise a Child

Ruben Padilla writes: In our Learning is M.A.G.I.C. academic program, we’re amazed at how many times we encounter a child who has gone an entire day without being acknowledged by an adult. For some reason, the teacher may neglect to address them directly. After school, once the child is at home, they can easily get [...]

What Happened to Romantic Heroism?

Tonyo Melendez writes: Once upon a time, parents expected their children to grow up to do great things. But that was once upon a time. Now, it seems to me, as I meet children in schools and classrooms, parents seem to be asking their kids to just get by; stay out of trouble and graduate. [...]

One of the most Loving Words you can Say to a Child

RUBEN PADILLA writes… A few weeks ago my six-year old son was hitting a baseball in the front yard with his grandfather and out of nowhere asked the following question. “Grandpa, do you care about me?” My dad was stunned, and replied, “Of course! I love you very much!” “I know you love me,” my [...]