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July 2009


TONYO MELENDEZ WRITES: Life is a quest to find oneself, It is a quest to find the answer to this question: Why am I in this world? Some, the lucky ones, find this answer early in their lives. Some find the answer much later. And others never find it. This is sad, if not tragic. [...]

Erasers Too?

Tonyo Melendez writes: What’s happening to America? Years ago, I bought my first brand new American car. It came with a three-year warranty and it took me three years to pay it off. Then the car began to have problems. I told a friend of mine about it and he said, “It’s planned obsolescence.” “What [...]

“Where To Start?”

The following is a letter posted on the Huffington Post in response to a powerful article written by Kamala Lopez.  (Click on her name to read the original article.) TONYO MELENDEZ WRITES: “Dear Kamala, Where to start? The problem you describe so well is extremely complex. I have been involved in it for twelve years. [...]

The World’s Last Blog about Michael Jackson

RUBEN PADILLA WRITES: A quick check on Google shows that there are currently over two hundred and forty million entries for Michael Jackson on the internet. But before the numbers dwindle to less than two hundred million, I want to add just one more in the form of this blog entry. During the media frenzy [...]