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Generosity of Spirit

Tonyo Melendez writes: Is it within the heart of humankind to be naturally generous? I would like to think so but, I feel the natural process of life works against it. We may be born with generosity, it may be our natural inclination, but because of the natural order, little by little generosity of spirit [...]

The 24-Minute Miracle

Ruben Padilla writes: Whenever Tonyo Melendez and I are about to begin a new relationship with a school, we work very hard to deliver all that we’ve promised.  When a school is interested in our popular parental involvement program, Parenting is MAGIC, we often begin with a free, half-hour presentation to parents that outlines what [...]

“Where To Start?”

The following is a letter posted on the Huffington Post in response to a powerful article written by Kamala Lopez.  (Click on her name to read the original article.) TONYO MELENDEZ WRITES: “Dear Kamala, Where to start? The problem you describe so well is extremely complex. I have been involved in it for twelve years. [...]

The Blog is up and running!

RUBEN PADILLA WRITES: It was two years ago that Tonyo Melendez and I founded Learning is M.A.G.I.C. Although we both started this company with decades of teaching experience in various subjects, we knew that this endeavor would provide the greatest potential to truly making an impact with students. Thankfully, we’re still here and growing. We’ve [...]