Two Cinephiles Chat About Movies…

My sister, Cecelia Specht and I see each other about once a week. She usually stops by while I’m working on a post for this blog, or my website, Inevitably we start talking about what I’m writing and that usually leads to one tangent and then another about films, old and new. Our conversations tend to cover a broad spectrum but the topic almost always remains centered around movies, the industry, the people in it, etc. Although we share the same appreciation for films we have two unique perspectives, as my actual work experience has always occurred behind the camera and since she’s an actress her work has occurred mostly in front of it.

I have always found these conversations to be entertaining and have thought to retain a record of them so that I could share them. Sort of in the same way people once saved letters in order to keep a record of their favorite correspondances. I now have. In this first publicly posted conversations between the Specht twins (I’m older by 7 minutes) we talk about an upcoming pubic appearance by recent Academy Award nominee Max von Sydow, other Supporting Actor nominees, past Oscar tie winners, Ingmar Bergman, Woody Allen, Lionel Barrymore, Victor McLaglen, we also theorize on why there are 9 Best Picture nominees this year and not 10, and of course we mention our favorite living Best Supporting Actor winner, Martin Landau.

Sorry to say my sister is unusually quiet here, so you may have to turn up the volume.