My name is Carrie Specht, and I run ClassicFilmFan.com (aka ClasicFilmSchool.com), an online resource for the Classic Movie Fan. I watch a lot of movies (old and new) and I like to share my opinions about them. This site, RetroSpecht.com, consists of things related to pop culture including new film releases, independent offerings, museum showings, festivals, TV programs, and whatever else I may find interesting.

Regarding reviews, I should warn you that I avoid spoilers at all costs. This may sound good, however this keeps me from making direct reference to specific moments or actions in the films I review. But I know I dislike it when others talk too much about a movie so why should I commit the same sin. I believe by talking too specifically about a film you can not help but influence the readers experience and interpretation when they’re watching it. If it’s a great moment, why would I want to take that discovery away from someone else? And if it’s bad then more than likely the moviegoer (or festival attendee, reader, what have you) will know it for themselves and realize what I was talking about it when they come across it.

Aside from my unquenchable interest in classic cinema I worked many years on set in the film and television industry, mostly as an Assistant Director but also as a sound mixer, grip and best boy electrician (it’s a title, not a gender). I currently work as an Assistant Professor at a small, private university as one of the founding instructors of an up and coming film and television program that focuses on hands-on learning. My own education includes an undergraduate degree in Screenwriting from San Francisco State University, and I have a Masters in Producing from NYU.

I hope you enjoy RetroSpecht.com, and I thank you for your interest. Please check back regularly and tell your friends!

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  1. Really enjoy your site(s)! I’m one of the editors of Black Maria, and as a reviewer I appreciate you working hard to not include spoilers. I try to operate the same way.

    I see you’re a TCM FF attendee. Perhaps we’ll run into each other this year. Continued success!

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