26-Hour Program

Included in this 26-hour program is a launch assembly Magic Show by a professional Learning is M.A.G.I.C. artist, 3 planning sessions, and two workshops, “Teaching is M.A.G.I.C.” and “Parenting is M.A.G.I.C.” In addition, the students will perform in a wonderful “Celebration” that showcases learned concepts and acquired skills.

In each two-hour instructional session, secrets and methods to perform magic effects in front of an audience are taught, and these specially selected magic effects combine academic tools (memory, spelling, or arithmetic) and hand/eye coordination. Creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills are developed through the verbal and written sharing of personal experiences. Theatre games are played to aid in language acquisition and self-expression, and dramatic structure is explored to aid students in conflict resolution and problem solving. Personal experiences are shared and combined with magic and music for the final presentation for parents and peers, the Learning is M.A.G.I.C. “Celebration".

The Learning is
M.A.G.I.C. Show

At the end of each 26 or 60 hour program, students perform in a final show that showcases the skills they’ve learned during out time together. Rather than being a “culmination” or ending, we call it “The Celebration,” as it represents the beginning of a new life of academic achievement and life success. The Celebration consists of magic, music, and monologues, and no two shows are alike!

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