About Our Staff

Learning is M.A.G.I.C. is only as good as our teachers, so we're very careful when selecting people to work with. Each new applicant is first interviewed by telephone. During this initial conversation, we look for a lively personality, humor, intelligence, enthusiasm, and necessary credentials such as a college degree and teaching experience. Being a performer is also a plus (acting, magic, singing and dancing) because in addition to talent, it reveals dedication and a commitment to excellence, a quality we want to inspire in our students and one of our core tenets. Following the telephone interview, a face to face meeting is scheduled. This is our chance to learn more about the applicant and discover new assets in an informal setting. We are amazed at how often an applicant will surprise us with a quality (or qualities) that are of tremendous benefit to Learning is M.A.G.I.C

Finally, the best applicants are invited to participate in extensive formal training. Each area of our program is explored and over the course of several days we reveal the secrets that make Learning is M.A.G.I.C the only program of its kind in the world. The training experience is personally and professionally rewarding and very educational. By the end of training, applicants are magically transformed into Learning is M.A.G.I.C Specialists.

To date, only thirty percent of our applicants are selected for a face to face meeting, and only ten percent are invited to participate in formal training. This adherence to quality is just one reason why Learning is M.A.G.I.C is so popular.
Learning is M.A.G.I.C. has a mission to “Share Secrets with Students for Academic Achievement.” These “secrets” include unique methods of self-expression, fun ways of generating creativity, problem solving through conflict resolution, and the enthusiastic celebration of each student’s individuality.