Secret Agenda – January 11 – Script

I agree with Roberto that if you’ve never written a script of one of your presentations (“Script” can be such an intimidating word. If you’ve never written down the words that you usually say when performing a trick), it can be an eye-opening experience, filled with untold discoveries. But it’s Roberto’s comments on taking an acting class that reinvigorated me.

John Carney has also commented on the effectiveness of acting classes, and there are many magicians (like Jonathan Levit and myself) who have a strong theatrical background.  But many of the techniques and experiences that can only be gotten “on the boards” are useless in magic unless one has the capacity to identify and transfer those skills in a practical and effective way. The application of acting, directing, scripting, and blocking to magic (and all the sub-skills they embody) requires that you have experience in both magic and the theatre before a successful incorporation can be achieved. (Fortunately, in my case, I spent three decades simultaneously growing in both disciplines.)

However, it often takes an objective set of eyes and ears to really be effective.  Too often, we’re too close to our magic to be able to really make those difficult decisions (like cutting something out).

The solution?  Get somebody who is qualified to improve your magic by either instructing you in acting, or becoming your director. (Sorry, but your wife just doesn’t cut it.)

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, there are literally  thousands of people and classes and schools that promise to guide you to acting success, and it’s a laborious process of trial and error (and investment) to achieving your objective.

But I know a guy…

He’s a director, writer, actor, teacher (Master Teacher!), mentor, and friend.  He co-founded Learning-is-M.A.G.I.C. and knows the problems, pitfalls, and potential that magic offers.

He will make your magic better.

I guarantee it.

You can contact me at or message me on my Facebook page and I’ll be happy to arrange an introduction. (Glendale area)  No obligation, no charge.  Bring a trick to perform, listen to his comments, and learn for yourself what he can do for you.

You’ll thank me later.