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Secret Agenda – March 20 – Double Lift Substitute

Secret Agenda – March 20 – Double Lift Substitute

Haven’t had a chance to try this for someone, yet.  But I like the thinking and, as part of a longer Ambitious Card routine, this would be a nice, clean sequence.  I’m not completely sold on the idea of lifting the deck up (twice!) so they can see their card on top, but this is a minor quibble, and reflects more on my idiosyncratic tendency to want to keep magical moments in a tight, visual “frame”.

I’ll try it out.

Secret Agenda – January 30 – Double Lift Replacement

Secret Agenda – January 30 – Double Lift Replacement

What a great feeling.

The information in this entry is something I’ll be using for the rest of my life.  (Particularly when I do my Detective Card or Joker to Box routines, described here.)

Incremental improvements.

May you also find something that you can use forever.

Secret Agenda – January 13 – A Delicate Double Lift

Secret Agenda – January 13 – A Delicate Double Lift

Like many magicians, I’ve always hoped to find the perfect Double Lift.

But what does that mean, exactly?  If  you’re capable of executing a particular version and it doesn’t arouse suspicion, then shouldn’t that be enough? After all, to your spectators it’s just a matter of turning over a card. If it’s deceptive, then one double lift is as good as another.


Well, apparently not.

Some double lifts are more suited to your unique personality, or “character”.  Others are more showy (flourishy), or less showy. Snap doubles, Strike doubles, pivots, turns, twists- it’s amazing how much thought has gone into the illusion of turning over just one playing card.

If you’re comfortable with a particular Double Lift, any Double Lift, and your spectators can’t detect trickery when you do it, then that’s perfect – and that’s the one that you should do.


And that advice should apply to me as well.

And yet, I keep searching.

And perhaps you do too.

I suppose that’s part of the fun.

And today, Roberto has given us another (overlooked) version.  A Delicate Double Lift.

And it does appear delicate.  Very delicate.  And casual. And these are all good things (for me, anyway).

But to my mind, there’s a problem with it.

I believe that for a Double Lift to be practical, it must be able to be utilized consistently. In other words, every time you turn over a card, whether it’s a double or not, it should look the same.  Otherwise, why do it? – You’ll only be calling attention to yourself.

And in this version, the thing that makes it so great, is also its downfall.

I’m referring to the thrice performed “caress” of the top card with the right thumb, as if you’re having a tiny bit of difficulty peeling off the card.

I love it.  It’s wonderful.  Details like these are what I live for in magic.

But I want a double lift that I can perform always, and I don’t believe that I can get away with “missing” the card twice before I manage to get a grip on it every time I do it.

And if I leave out that small detail, or use it only occasionally, then I think I’m selling myself short on this beautiful concept.  Done once, it’s a perfect subtlety.  But to make it my standard lift and perform it eighteen times in an extended Ambitious Card routine? I’m afraid I’d look like Don Knotts trying to turn over a card.

I love the idea too much to ruin it with my improvements.

So, I’ll keep searching, forever grateful that Roberto introduced it to me.