Secret Agenda – March 17 – Give It a Stab

I’m getting rid of my cutting boards – this is the card stab routine I’ve been waiting for.  I’ll need to carry a Svengali deck around and I’ll have to practice my two-handed fan, but that’s a small price to pay for this genius routine.  Similar thinking has cropped up before, but nobody makes it read as well as Roberto.

Just a thought, and one that I’m sure Roberto has considered (and evidently dismissed):  if you wish to just use one deck – let it be the Svengali.  Use it to force your card, have it looked at and returned to the deck and then (false) shuffled.  Then do the stab.  Granted, this alters the trick slightly from an impossible divination to more of a location, but the fact that the spectator does the work insures it still plays strong.

On a separate note, I use a Svengali deck for a very strong “Card at Any Number” routine, using the presentational hook that the spectator is more magical than she thinks.  Despite shuffling a selected card into the deck, her intuition will allow her to locate the card by naming any number.  When the card is found at that location (either by removing exactly that many cards or at her number itself), she’s performed the magic, and I was just a facilitator.  It’s very effective.  But the idea of using a knife is more dramatic and makes this close-up effect play much bigger.