Secret Agenda – February 22 – Top Ten Quotes Related to Card Magic

Love Ascanio’s quote.  Would love to try this sometime.  Not just a series of effects, one strung after the other, but a multi-dimensional, layered act with deliberate structure, complete unto itself.

Much, much easier said than done.

And Hofzinser’s quote is oft repeated, but the underlying concept – that truth and beauty and reflection and insight and revelations can be borne with “52 pieces of paper” (a nod to Martin Nash) is worthy of further exploration by all of us – whether or not you like poetry.

And, of course, Tamariz wisely expands on Johann’s quote by pointing to the power of symbolism and metaphor, a deep subject for magic that an entire book would barely touch upon.

(But I’m working on it…!)

And Roberto’s quote is a nice thought (a little quaint, but that’s okay).

As for Wright’s quote – how can you not laugh at that?