Secret Agenda – March 2 – The Sliding Double

Funny thing happened to me when I began playing with this.  When I initially pushed the top card forward, I couldn’t for the life of me get more than just the one card to move.  Very frustrating.  Then I realized I was playing with a Bicycle Prestige Deck (plastic cards), which made it next to impossible to do.  With a regular deck, however, all was fine.

I especially like the Cliff Green idea for the replacement. (I was previously aware of this, and it works perfectly here.)

I like this double much more than the January 13 entry  (A Delicate Double Lift), but I must say in defense of that entry that I’ve been playing with it, and while I still wouldn’t structure an entire Ambitious Card routine around it, it’s growing on me as a double lift for a single turnover.

See?  I’m evolving.