Secret Agenda – March 12 – Solution for out and Quickie

I like Roberto’s solution, but am not too fond of ringing in a duplicate card.  I believe him when he says just that already having it present inside the deck is a safe alternative, but I’d like the option of doing this anytime, anywhere, with any deck.

Here’s my solution, and I preface it by saying that I don’t think my answer is better than Roberto’s.  It’s just my own.  (Also, there’s no force.)

I hold the deck up and riffle the right side to have a card sighted. I then glimpse this card.  (At this point you can have the spectator shuffle the cars if you wish.)

Then, I proceed to look through the deck as if looking for the selection and secretly cull their card to the top (I use the Hofzinser Spread Cull), noting and remembering the (now) second card from the top. (At this point their chosen card is on top of the deck, and a known “x” card is second from the top.)

I close the deck, remarking that I now know the identify of their card and where it lies inside the deck.  I explain that I will now magically make their card rise from the middle, where they first saw it, to the top of the deck.

I get ready for a double lift, triumphantly name the second card as theirs, and lift the double from the deck. (Not a turnover – I’m holding two cards as one with the face towards them.)

Upon discovering that I’m wrong, I ask for the name of their card, and with suitable acting (of frustration), I replace the double on top of the deck, use my right hand to grab a pen (make sure you use the great idea from January 30 here – Double Lift Replacement), return to the deck and necktie it (lift it up and away from the spectator’s sight) as I turn over just the top card.  Since I just showed it as the mistaken card, there’s no suspicion.  I then write the correct name across the face. I then turn over the top card and sail it across the table towards the spectator, finishing as described. (Alternatively, you may prefer to simply write on the back of the card.  Or, do both – write the name of the card on the face, and then openly turn it over and sign your name on the back – as a souvenir.)

I feel that any disadvantage in not letting the spectator see me write on the wrong card is acceptable to me because of the logic.  He heard me name the wrong card, and with no moves (thanks to the hidden cull and remembering of the second card) immediately witnessed the wrong card come to the top of the deck.  Additionally, why would I write the correct name on the face of the correct card?  That makes no sense.  Of course it’s the wrong card.  Thus, I think this will fly psychologically, and allows me the advantage of not having to “match” writing or have a duplicate card.

Hope this works for you.