Secret Agenda – February 02 – No Hands, Ma

This entry put a smile on my face because for me it falls under the category of “Things We Do Naturally That We Don’t  Realize is Good Practice”.

I’ve always endeavored to be very “Hands Off” in my approach to magic.  I wanted miracles to occur despite my presence, not because of it.  Having me around was just a happy coincidence.  To me, the greatest comment I could hear after a performance was always, “But you didn’t do anything!”

(I’ve adjusted this approach as I’ve gotten older, preferring to get some of the credit.)

I’m glad that Roberto has validated this natural inclination.  In truth, it may not even be mine, completely.  I’m partially a product of the magicians that I adored, most notably, Slydini, who also exhibited this trait.

So maybe my “natural inclination” is just a case of “inspired impersonation”.

But it’s a question worth asking:  How many of your “natural” traits are truly yours, and how many are “inspired”?  And do you possess any natural inclinations that are suppressed during your performances.  And if so, why?  Are there any you can “punch up”, or bring out, to greater effect?  Are there any you should hide, because they’re just damn annoying?

As you can see, I’ve taken six days to think about this.

I’m naturally inclined to think about it some more…